The Basket Building in Ohio

The Basket Building in Ohio

The Basket Building is one of the most amazing buildings of the world, situated in Ohio, United State, the main office of the Longabeger basket company. The Basket Building is built to resemble an regular shopping basket or a picnic basket, with handles held together. During the cold months, these handles are constantly heated to prevent snow and frost deposits in it.

The Basket Building is really a replica 160 times bigger of Longaberger’s Medium Market Basket. It’s 192 foot. long by 126 foot. wide at the bottom, up to 208-foot. long by 142-foot. wide in the roofline. It covers 25 acres, weighing 8,000 9,000 tons having a square footage of 180,000. The basket handles alone weigh almost 150 tons and therefore are constantly heated throughout the wintertime several weeks, to prevent snow and ice deposits developing in it.

The Basket Building

The Basket Building is built of stucco, a plaster type material that is produced from cement, sand and lime, applied on the steel structure.  Stucco supplies a hard, reliable, durable and inexpensive surface that needs little maintenance helping create the feel of a real Longaberger Basket.

Lynbet – Initially, Dave Longaberger wanted all the Longaberger structures to be formed like baskets, only the headquarters was finished until he die. After his dealth, further basket-formed structures were vetoed by his daughters.

But theh vision of Longarberger has inspired others in Ohio to mimic his bizarre style of architecture. The World’s Biggest Apple Basket, standing around over 29 ft tall are available in Frazeysburg, Ohio.

The Basket Building Ohio

The Basket Building Ohio USA

The Basket Building Inside in Ohio