The Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dams

The Hoover Dam from Las Vegas 30 miles to the southeast and is located in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River near the border of Nevada and Arizona. The Hoover Dam is a great architectural works to regulate the flow of water, flood prevention, irrigation standards for irrigation of crops and the most important is the power supply for the city of Las Vegas nightlife and a Southern California celebrated the vitality especially in the period of scarcity of oil as hydropower currently used replacement of oil fired power plants.

The Hoover Dam was built during the Great Depression. Once known as the Boulder Dam the Hoover Dam is located on the border of Nevada and Arizona near Boulder City, Nevada. It is one of the highest concrete dams ever built and it created one of the largest manmade lakes in the United States. It was constructed between 1931 and 1936 during the Great Depression and was dedicated on September 30, 1935, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. At 726.4 feet tall, it took 200 engineers from several consulting firms and the Bureau of Reclamation to design the dam. It has 3,125,000 cubic yards of concrete and weighs more than 6.6 million tons! Construction of the dam, power plant, and related works took five years to build and was finished two years ahead of schedule. The reservoir created can hold enough water to cover the entire state of Pennsylvania with water one foot deep, agen bola.

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The London Sewerage System

The London Sewerage System

The London sewage system is part of the water infrastructure serving London, England. The modern system was developed during the late 19th century, and as London has grown the system has been expanded. During the early 19th century, London used the River Thames as an open sewer which due to the citys growth, became outdated and started causing a foul stench and disastrous consequences for public health in London. A civil engineer by the name of Joseph Bazalgette took over the job of building this underground infrastructure. He built a modern sewer system that purified the city and resulted in the end of the epidemics of cholera and typhoid that had sickened the population.

The London Sewerage Systems

London Sewerage System

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