Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Facts and figures

The dimensions of the bridge defied all imagination. The total length of the bridge is 8,981ft or 2,737 m. The main span between the two enormous towers is 4,200 ft or 1,280 meters long, making the Golden Gate Bridge the worlds largest suspension bridge, a record that would stand until 1964 when the Verrazano-Narrows bridge in New York was completed.

Prediksibet – The two beautiful Art Deco towers are almost 820ft or 250 meters tall, of which more than 20 meters is below the sea level. The road, six lanes and 90 ft / 27m wide is an amazing 220 ft or 67 meters above the water level. It is supported by enormous cables, anchored in hundreds of bars locked into concrete blocks with a pulling power of 25 million kg. The two cables have a total length of 2,332 meters and a diameter of 90 cm. They are woven from 27,572 threads of steel with a total length that equals three times the earths circumference.

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Bell Rock Lighthouse

Bell Rock Lighthouse

Located in the North Sea across from the coast of Angus, Scotland is the Bell Rock Lighthouse, which is the oldest sea washed lighthouse in the world. It was constructed to keep ships from getting wrecked at Bell Rock Island. The Lighthouse stands 35 m high, with its light being visible from 35 statute miles away. It was built in a very difficult location and several people were killed in the process. But the masonry work was so well done that it has never been replaced or fixed even once in almost 200 years of its existence.

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